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Chris & Kellie While News

Mother-daughter duo on tour next year

We are delighted to continue to represent Chris and Kellie While, two generations of outstanding musical talent combining in a scintillating vocal duo.

Chris and her daughter Kellie both have impeccable musical pedigrees individually but it’s as a duo that they really soar, their harmony singing having that unique quality found only in family partnerships. Both have exquisitely pure voices and both are very accomplished instrumentalists.

Self-accompanied on guitars, Chris and Kellie present a mix of self-penned material (both are songwriters), imaginative interpretations of other singer-songwriters’ compositions, and inspired arrangements of standards from the acoustic repertoire.

We can offer venues selected dates in February and a tour from 21 May to 12 June inclusive. The girls can also consider festival bookings throughout the 2016 season. And looking further ahead we will start taking bookings for November 2017

Bring your audience an evening of musical delight in the company of Chris and Kellie While - book your date now for this unmissable show.

Check out these YouTube videos of Chris and Kellie in concert:

Story published 1 Dec 2015